International awarded projects

AwardProject numberCountryProject title
1GI.21KosovoCleaning of acidic waste water with human hair
1CI.09CambodiaArsenic Removal
1SI.07BrazilManufacturing an ion exchange resin using expanded polystyrene and the analysis of its retention of ionic heavy metals
1II.24MacedoniaRevolutionary New Nitrogen Enriched High Quality Bioethanol Fuel from Cellulosic Agricultural Residues
1PI.58MyanmarMyanmar style Biodiesel from Jatropha curcas
2GI.56MalaysiaOnce Thrown, Now a Throne
2CI.34RomaniaErosion of the Beaches of the Romanian Sea Coast
2SI.51IndonesiaNew Planting Method Using Local Microorganism
2II.25MalaysiaDiscovery of New Material Characterization as a New Coal Energy
2PI.47AfghanistanThe effects of the mobile phones on learning functions
3GI.14GhanaSave water save life
3CI.29MyanmarAntimicrobial and mosquito repellent property of thanaka (Hesperethusa crenulata) with the different solvent extracts
3SI.03ArgentinaCyano out
3II.15IndonesiaProduction of activated carbon from durian peel waste as purification of water
3PI.64TurkeyThe Effects of Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) on the Seed Germination, Root Growth and Root Tip Cell Mitotic Divisions of Lentil (Lens culinaris) using a Nargileh Model
4I.27Moldova, Republic ofThe cleaning of water with the help of algae cladophora glomerata kutzing and chaetomorpha linum kutzing
4I.32PhilippinesLow Cost Non Structured Fe B Catalyst for the Production of Hydrogen from Sodium Borohydride for Fuel Cells
4I.37South AfricaProducing Biofuel By Utilizing Cellulose Of Waste Materials
4I.39ThailandChange the World in 72hours! Lipids are not dangerous anymore with the help of bacteria
4I.31PakistanIsolation of resistant fungal strains from tannery effluents and their role in heavy metal removal from tannery effluents
4I.40TurkeyInhibition effect of the catalyst added into acids used for cleaning petroleum oil pipe-lines
4I.42UkraineDNA Insecticides vs DNA Stimulators: Every Drug is a Poison; Every Poison, a Drug
4I.46MexicoSocio environmental catastrophe El Ahogado
4I.04AustriaAmylase 2.0 Protein Upgrade via Synthetic Biology
4I.11ChiliVegetal Revigorisation

National awarded projects

AwardSchoolCityProject numberProject title
1Calvijn CollegeGoesN.04Plastic soup
2Drachtster LyceumDrachtenN.13Global warming € political warming
3Cosmicus Montessori LyceumAmsterdamN.26Sustainable Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting from Kinetic Energy
4Assink LyceumNeedeN.06Energy Neutral School
4Gerrit van der Veen CollegeAmsterdamN.14Cheap seawater purification system
4Drachtster LyceumDrachtenN.03MRS Mobile Reload Station