INESPO 2021 – Livestream.

The National edition of INESPO 2021 will take place on Saturday June 5. You can follow the entire day via the livestream below. Live from Amsterdam we present you the presentations of the project teams, the INESPO lecture given by Ben van Berkel and much more. View the full program over here.

Program INESPO.

Opening Ceremony:

Time Subject Speaker
10:30 Opening and welcome Ferd Stouten
10:35 Speech prof. dr. ir. APJ Mol
10:45 Transfer jury chairmanship Lydia van Rietschote
10:50 Speech Jacques Reijniers
10:55 Speech Rik Leemans
11:00 Official opening Lydia van Rietschote

Closing Ceremony:

Time Subject Speaker
14:30 Speech Adem Kumcu
14:35 INESPO Lecture 2021 Ben van Berkel
15:05 Award ceremony Rik Leemans
15:20 Final word & preview of 2022 Ria Sluiter
15:27 Photo moment Winners + speakers
15:30 End of the closing ceremony

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